America's Boating Course

Our best-in-class courses are designed for BEGINNER and ADVANCED

Sail, Power, Water Sports , and Paddle Craft Boaters

Boating Education Starts Here

Part 1: October 1, 2022 @ Lake Mead Marina Boathouse Grille Banquet Room

Time: 9am - 3pm

Part 2: October 2, 2022 @ Lake Mead Marina Boathouse Grille Banquet Room

Time: 9am - 3pm

Limited Seating

Students are encouraged to call today for early registration information

$60.00 per person

Call us at 775-419-2460 for more information about this class

(includes book, handouts, instructors, state boater education card exam)

Ready To Go Boating On Lake Mead or Lake Mohave? Building confidence and experience matters to you and your passengers for safer boating. The Las Vegas Sail and Power Squadron will build up your confidence and experience with this hands-on course - Americas Boating Course, with Nevada and Arizona Approved Boater Cards certification.

Yes we are!

Las Vegas Sail & Power Squadron is APPROVED by the great STATES of NEVADA and ARIZONA for both virtual and live classroom, boating education.

An Educated Boater Is A Safer Boater

Get your Nevada and Arizona Boating Cards. Show both states that you have safe boating skills!

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Nevada Boater Education Card
Arizona Boater Education Card

During the Americas Boating Course you will learn about

  • Types of boats and their uses

  • Boating laws - federal and state

  • Safety equipment

  • Emergency planning

  • Introduction to knots and lines

  • Finding your way, and adverse conditions

  • Communications

  • Water sports topics

  • Trailering

... and more

Are you ready to improve for your boating education experience?

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