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The Las Vegas Sail and Power Squadron (LVSPS) is an IRS Internal Revenue Code 501(c)3 nonprofit incorporated in Nevada.

Formed in 1973 this organization is a District-13 unit of the legendary United States Power Squadrons (d/b/a America's Boating Club), a nonprofit educational organization. The local leadership team is a volunteer crew delivering responsible boating education courses for lower Colorado River, Southern Nevada, and Northwest Arizona boaters.

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  • Host and deliver the best boating education courses for today's boaters and future generations.

  • Support our teaching aid expenses; ie. computers, projectors, software licenses and upgrades, meeting room fees, marine safety equipment, and more.

  • Costs for community outreach, education, and safety awareness campaigns.

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Since 1973, the Las Vegas Sail & Power Squadron's mission is making boating education easy to reach, creating safer boaters, and lowering the cost of watercraft ownership.

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