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Sail, Power, Water Sports, and Paddle Craft Boaters

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When: Spring 2023 TBD

Basic boating course for beginners and advanced refresher

Ready To Go Boating On Lake Mead or Lake Mohave? Building confidence and experience matters to you and your passengers for safer boating. The Las Vegas Sail and Power Squadron will build up your confidence and experience with this hands-on course - Americas Boating Course, with Nevada and Arizona Approved Boater Cards certification. Beginner boater or advanced, an educated boater is a Safer Boater!

Yes we are!

Las Vegas Sail & Power Squadron is APPROVED by the great STATES of NEVADA and ARIZONA for both virtual and live classroom, boating education.

An Educated Boater Is A Safer Boater

During the popular Americas Boating Course you will learn about

  • Types of boats and their uses

  • Boating laws - federal and state

  • Safety equipment

  • Emergency planning

  • Introduction to knots and lines - Marlinspike

  • Finding your way, and adverse conditions

  • Communications

  • Water sports topics

  • Trailering

... and more


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This live classroom Sail course is designed for beginner and advanced sailors wanting to learn more about sailing. During this course students will learn about sailboat design, rigging, safety, the physical requirements experienced when sailing, techniques, knots and lines, navigation rules, safety, and more.

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Boat Handling

A 12-hour, 6-part Advanced Boating Course

Next class: TBD


Course Pre-requisite

America's Boating Course Certificate of Completion or a state-issued Boater Education Card


Rules of The Road: A Practical Approach

Docking & Un-Docking: Slow Speed Maneuvering

Boating With Confidence: Handling Your Boat Underway

Anchoring With Assurance: Don't Get Carried Away!

Emergencies Onboard: Be Ready for Common Problems

Knots & Lines: Easy to Tie, Easy to Untie

Optional: Exam to test your new knowledge. Receive a Certificate of Completion

After taking America's Boating Course (ABC), Boat Handling is the next step to building boating confidence and competence for safe and fun on-the-water adventures. Boat Handling presents material applicable to both power and sail. Many important safety-related topics are covered. We'll also discuss boating in the waters of Canada and Mexico, the effects of weather on the boater’s health, and more.

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Offshore Navigation

What happens when your GPS fails? In this course, you will learn to use a marine sextant to take sights on celestial objects such as the sun. Even if you are not traveling long distances offshore, remember that GPS can fail and at times not reliable. Ancient sailors traveled the globe without electronics and satellites. This course will build your confidence when no aids to navigation or land objects are in sight.

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Celestial Navigation

Brave mariners sailed the great seas for hundreds of years without electronics and satellites. How did they know where they were?

This Celestial Navigation course will teach you how to...look up! Using the the moon, planets, and stars you will determine your position at different times of the day and evening. And yes, you will use navigational software tools that build upon your skills and improve your confidence to plan and execute any voyage.

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