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All of our courses are designed for BEGINNER and ADVANCED boaters

When: February 2019

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Basic boating course for beginners and advanced refresher

Ready To Go Boating On Lake Mead or Lake Mohave? Building confidence and experience matters to you and your passengers for safer boating. The Las Vegas Sail and Power Squadron will build up your confidence and experience with this hands-on course - Americas Boating Course and Nevada Approved Boater Card certification. Beginner boater or advanced, an educated boater is a Safer Boater!

Get your Nevada Boating Card, show that you have safe boating skills!

During the Americas Boating Course you will learn about

  • Types of boats and their uses
  • Boating laws - federal and state
  • Safety equipment
  • Emergency planning
  • Introduction to knots and lines - Marlinspike
  • Finding your way, and adverse conditions
  • Communications
  • Water sports topics
  • Trailering

... and more

Advanced Piloting

February 2019

Do you know what a Running Fix is? Advanced Piloting is the next structured course in series after USPS Piloting students successfully pass their exam.

In this course students will learn about radar, electronic chart plotters, collision avoidance AIS and other tools to expand the Pilots knowledge of safer GPS navigation. Beyond electronics the AP student will experience advanced piloting techniques for changing tides, wind and currents.

For more information about Advanced Piloting and all our boating courses, call the Las Vegas Sail and Power Squadron today!