Women And Boating

Capt. Kate McCue (left) - First American women to captain a mega cruise ship

Mujeres americanas para capitanear un mega crucero

Yes you can - It's easy - Start here!

Women and girls start here to be boat captains and Squadron leaders at the boating training park protected by the National Park Service just minutes away from Las Vegas - Lake Mead, Lake Mohave and Black Canyon Water Trail.

  • Your contribution as a Squadron member drives a boat load of education and skills training, confidence building, leadership development, and fun times.

  • Jump start a Maritime career as a Port Manager, Marine Research, Sales, Travel & Charters, Engineer, Military, Coast Guard, a Mega Cruise Ship Captain!

Check out this Squadron's boating education courses for beginners and experienced boaters and ideal seminars to sharpen your skills. Learn how Las Vegas Sail and Power Squadron inspires a smarter boating community.



  • The Las Vegas Sail and Power Squadron is your hometown boating organization teaching women and girls the best in Boating Safety - Piloting, Navigation, Maintenance - Building amazing community leaders.

  • Your certified instructors guide you in the RIGHT DIRECTION

  • The United States Power Squadrons is America's largest boating education organization

  • You never stop learning, we never stop teaching

Las Vegas Power Sail and Power Squadron Is Your First Mate



Who to talk to? The Las Vegas Sail and Power Squadron's members

  • Close by to share with you what they know

  • Build your confidence and strength

  • Excited to be part of your boating adventures

  • Lifetime of friendships

  • Sit in with LVSPS squadron members during the Lake Mead Boaters Dining

This Is What Boating Is About, Do It

Boating Is About Fun

Canotaje es divertido

  • Get away from the grind, relax and unwind

  • A healthy outdoors lifestyle for you, the family, and friends

  • Just minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip are Lakes Mead and Mohave, the one of a kind Black Canyon Water Trail

  • On the water or on shore - camping, fishing, swimming, picnicking, hiking, cove exploration

  • Hundreds of square miles to explore by boat!

They Can't Do This Indoors

Ellos no pueden hacer esto en el interior

  • Kids and fishing - they're curious, you want memories

  • Get away from social media, socialize outdoors for sun and fun

  • Does not cost a lot to get them started

  • You do not have to own a boat to take a kid fishing or swim time together on the lakes

Good idea, right?

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