Weather Course

Weather for Boaters Starts Here

Build Your Boating Knowledge!

All boat captains must know about the weather! In this course you will...

  • Learn to forecast and anticipate the weather

  • Understand meteorological systems

  • Signs of impending poor or dangerous weather

  • Using Daily Weather Maps - learning aids with complete explanation

  • Understanding NOAA's Sky Watcher Chart - a reference to assist

  • And more

This in-depth course is designed to be conducted over ten two-hour sessions.

Including time for review and the multiple-choice closed book exam.

Further Your Boating Education From Home!


Zoom secure virtual classroom

Hosted by the Las Vegas Sail & Power Squadron


Started: October 14, 2021, 6pm - 8pm

Flexible -> Ends: December 9th, 2021


$100.00 per person with USPS Membership

$200.00 per person without USPS Membership

(includes book, cloud chart, and maps)

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$100.00 per person USPS Member

Register Today Pay Here

$200.00 per person Non-USPS Member

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