Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Boating - Fishing - Water Sports - Relax

Lake Mead is America's most diverse national recreational area - says the National Park Service. This amazing year-round natural playground is home to one of a kind landscapes - horizon to horizon. Below the great Hoover Dam is Lake Mohave that adds to the 1.5 million recreational acres of surrounding mountains, valleys and canyons. Adding to the natural splendor of Lake Mohave and the Lake Mead National Recreation Area is the famous Black Canyon Water Trail, a power boating, kayaking, fishing and camper's dream.

  • Lake Mead

    • Extends 115 miles (185 km) upstream from Hoover Dam

    • 1 to 10 miles wide (1.6 - 16 km)

    • 550 miles (885 km) of shoreline

    • 229 surface sq miles (368.5 sq. km)

  • Lake Mead National Recreation Area

    • Established 1936

    • Extends 240 miles (386 km)

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