Boat Operator Certification

An Extraordinary Challenge - A Certification Far Above The Rest

Are you ready to prove your boating experience? How about improving your recreational boating resume' for opportunities? Achieving a United States Power Squadrons, Boat Operator Certification (BOC) proves your knowledge, confidence and marine related skills.

The 4-Level BOC Program only certifies United States Power Squadrons members for recreational boating proficiency. Starting at Inland Navigator advancement to next levels requires achieving each competency in series. The successful completion of particular skills and seminars, plus the demonstration of essential skills on the water advances you to the ultimate certification - Boat Operator Certification

The 4 Competency Levels you must achieve

Inland Navigator

Coastal Navigator

Advanced Coastal Navigator

Offshore Navigator

Can you meet the Boat Operator Certification challenge?

Boaters wanting serious on-the-water skills can contact the Las Vegas Sail and Power Squadron now for more information!

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