Park Area Phone Numbers

Las Vegas Sail and Power Squadron


US National Park Service


Emergency - National Park Service

702-293-8932 or 911

Shore to Ship calls (Emergencies only) 702-293-8998

Boulder City Emergency Services

Boulder City Hospital 702-293-4111

Police Department 911 or 702-293-9224

Fire Department 911 or 702-293-9228

Henderson Emergency Services

St. Rose Dominican Hospital 702-564-2622

Fire Department 911 or 702-383-2888

Police Department 911 or 702-565-8933

Marinas and Campgrounds

Las Vegas Boat Harbor 702-293-1191

Lake Mead Marina 702-293-3484

Callville Bay RV Park 702-565-8958

Callville Bay Boat Rental Office 702-565-4813

Temple Bar Marina 702-767-3211

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We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Donations can offer a tax deduction. Speak with your tax advisor about your support to keep nonprofit boating education alive.