Marine Navigation

Learn How to Safely Cruise Inland and Coastal Waters

Embark on an unforgettable voyage in the art and science of Marine Navigation with the popular Las Vegas Sail & Power Squadron’s Marine Navigation Course (formerly Piloting). Whether you're planning day trips or long cruises, this course is your introduction to marine charts and plotting that will elevate your captain skills.


Throughout this immersive course, hosted by the Las Vegas Sail & Power Squadron, you'll delve into the secrets of safe coastal and inland navigation, expertly utilizing GPS waypoints and traditional dead reckoning while considering magnetic variation. Uncover the standards of marine charts and symbols, developing precision and accuracy for route planning and underway course headings. Discover your Seaman's Eye with latitude and longitude navigation knowledge, cruising with absolute confidence, and steering clear of errors caused by the earth's magnetic and onboard equipment influences.


In those surprising moments when GPS technology fails, you'll be ready for manual marine chart plotting skills taught by the Las Vegas Sail & Power Squadron's Education Team, ensuring fearless voyages when challenged. This immersive journey will open a world of adventures on the water, tooling you to chart your courses and sail confidently across inland and coastal waters. Register now and unlock the true captain within you with the Las Vegas Sail & Power Squadron’s Marine Navigation Course!

During this Marine Navigation Course...

You will plot your way during a day-long practice cruise that ends after sunset!

Come prepared with excitement to learn a lot about...

Dead Reckoning

Marine Charts & Symbols

GPS Route Planning

Plotting Precision & Accuracy

Latitude & Longitude

True, Compass, Relative Bearings

Direction & Distance

Monitor Progress Underway

Compass Rose

Plotting Tools

When GPS Fails

... And more!

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This 9 sessions, 2hrs per session, 18 total hours of in-person instruction includes... 

Marine charts, plotting tools, handouts, digital version of USPS Marine Navigation  Coursebook, Official Certificate of Completion issued at >80% open book exam score

Where: Nevada Dept. of Wildlife

3373 Pepper Lane, Las Vegas

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